DD Trailer

Defective Detective Theatrical Teaser from john grist on Vimeo.

Hey fellows, here's the trailer for Defective Detective. Let me know if it piques your interest!


Closing the Deal

We finished the animation a few days ago, and Monday gone we did the final renders. There are a few minor bits and pieces that need retouching or that were simply forgotten altogether. We also got the music back from Alex Ballenger and it's pretty good, so that's going to plan as well. Largest thing that remains is the sound mix, which Mathers is in charge of.

Also, Andrew posted a status on his facebook account claiming that 'he and his group would be finished their grad film by the end of this week', so now I guess we sort of have to. We still have to experiment a little and make an opening and closing credit sequence, but that will just be straight motion graphics.

Happy days, people.


Compositing Work

Some display frames and an animated shot for your perusal.

Defective Detective Scene 313 from john grist on Vimeo.


i'll take blog for three hundred

Honestly, I forgot to keep a blog until I re-read the course outline stating that it was going to be part of our unit mark. Since last we spoke, my team and I have overhauled the ass out of our story. Many Kudos to Louise, who had some great time saving suggestions. So we stepped up from being totally unprepared to a little bit organised. Very cool.

We also completely trashed the first act of the film, including all of the animation that we had done for it. So it turns out those 'animation tests' that I was probably going to pass off as real animation actually were just.. tests.

As of the moment, we have a rough cut of the film, with the exception of a few more shots that need fine tuning, and it seems that we're going to come in somewhere between three and four minutes. That actually seems about right, for once.

My main tasks have been my alloted character animation, developing and characterising backgrounds, colour theory and compositing. The latter two sort of go hand and hand, like Jack and Jill. Except that instead of a pail of water, they're bringing back atmosphere and style. Hohoho.

We actually had a sitdown, and spoke about what we were hoping to achieve with the compositing. Foremost, we want to push flash animation as far as we can. Second, we really want to try and make it feel like a film, rather than a cartoon. Here are some comparison slides to show what I mean. (Flash vs Comped)

I'd like to think that it adds a lot. Plus, being able to make your product look different from your competitors is an important thing. Especially with something as common as Flash.

More updates as they happen.


bbbbbback into it

Live from New York,

Had some things going on between last post and now.
We presented our work, and we scored pretty well considering our sloppy presentation.

We met with Lou once the dust from Post Production had settled, and she suggested a lovely number of things that we could change in our animatic.
Cut the fat, keep the meat. Don't swallow the gross meat. Etc.

Unfortunately, we're going to have to probably cut some animation that I have already completed. It sucks, but i'm willing to do it for a more cohesive product. GOOD NEWS is, that because it's cut, you get to see it here, live in black and white GIF format. How lovely.

Well, more than a little grainy, but at least it's running at a decent speed.

I've recut my designated act, the diner sequence, and I think it works better now. I'll have to get Lou to take another gander at some point, but I think it's quite workable. We're losing a few 'coinable jokes and phrases' as Andrew puts it, but it is a worthy sacrifice. I also divided up the shots, so everyone has a piece of the climactic pie. Link below if you're so inclined.

So I've got some nice shots there, including the establishing and final shots, which are a wide shot of the diner stuck in between two miscellaneous buildings. We were thinking a Bank and a Police Station. Andrew and I really love the "LucasArts Adventure Game" feeling, so i've got it staged somewhat in that style, with a few animated loops. I think it's looking pretty good at the moment and on this occasion, the background needs to be finished before the animation keying begins.

I don't know if I shared a wide shot of the bathroom I had done previously, but I did a small amount of colour grading and am pleased with the darker, higher contrast result.


Later Storyboards

Because it would reflect far better on our marks and cohesion, we are boarding the rest of the acts. Andrew I think is doing the second, and for the most part i'll be doing the third. I'm concentrating on really good angles, because I think that it's the easiest "noir" element to overlook. Here are a couple, don't want to go ruining all the punchlines now.


A Note on Unorthodoxy

We are indeed choosing to work on this film in a strange manner.
Some may call it ass-backwards. We're okay with that.