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Honestly, I forgot to keep a blog until I re-read the course outline stating that it was going to be part of our unit mark. Since last we spoke, my team and I have overhauled the ass out of our story. Many Kudos to Louise, who had some great time saving suggestions. So we stepped up from being totally unprepared to a little bit organised. Very cool.

We also completely trashed the first act of the film, including all of the animation that we had done for it. So it turns out those 'animation tests' that I was probably going to pass off as real animation actually were just.. tests.

As of the moment, we have a rough cut of the film, with the exception of a few more shots that need fine tuning, and it seems that we're going to come in somewhere between three and four minutes. That actually seems about right, for once.

My main tasks have been my alloted character animation, developing and characterising backgrounds, colour theory and compositing. The latter two sort of go hand and hand, like Jack and Jill. Except that instead of a pail of water, they're bringing back atmosphere and style. Hohoho.

We actually had a sitdown, and spoke about what we were hoping to achieve with the compositing. Foremost, we want to push flash animation as far as we can. Second, we really want to try and make it feel like a film, rather than a cartoon. Here are some comparison slides to show what I mean. (Flash vs Comped)

I'd like to think that it adds a lot. Plus, being able to make your product look different from your competitors is an important thing. Especially with something as common as Flash.

More updates as they happen.

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