Closing the Deal

We finished the animation a few days ago, and Monday gone we did the final renders. There are a few minor bits and pieces that need retouching or that were simply forgotten altogether. We also got the music back from Alex Ballenger and it's pretty good, so that's going to plan as well. Largest thing that remains is the sound mix, which Mathers is in charge of.

Also, Andrew posted a status on his facebook account claiming that 'he and his group would be finished their grad film by the end of this week', so now I guess we sort of have to. We still have to experiment a little and make an opening and closing credit sequence, but that will just be straight motion graphics.

Happy days, people.


  1. Good job Mr Grist and Fellows. Nice to see that you guys are very much on top of things.
    I look forward to seeing the fruits of your collective labour at the Final Screening... When and where may one be purchasing tickets for the event this year?

    PS: Say hi to everyone up on level five for me, and remember to give all the other groups and individual classmates your support and encouragement as you guys enter the home stretch. Hope you all feel very accomplished.
    Well Done Sir!

  2. Well sort of, maybe when everything is completely finished i'll take a moment to not feel guilty. Tickets will be.. sometime soon, for the regent once again.

    But who is this eloquent, anonymous chap?

  3. Sheesh, and so another generation passes! Can't wait to see the finished deal Ivan Gristovich, my hair is already blown back in anticipation.

    Future plans?